Alpha X Boost Benefit First things first

Alpha X Boost Benefit First things first, when I refer to “athletes” in this article I am by no means saying that bodybuilders or power lifters are not athletes, of course they are. Bodybuilders and power lifters are some of the most impressive athletes in the world in terms of knowing their bodies and having the ability to transform them at an optimal rate. Yet, what I am referring to specifically for the purposes of this article are the athletes who play individual and team sports that demand the need to improve other physical attributes to become more competitive. Secondly, as an athlete you have to accept and be comfortable knowing you are training for a specific purpose. You are not a bodybuilder or a fitness model and you shouldn’t be training like one if your goal is to get better at your sport. Below is a list of 4 things any competitive athlete needs to consider whenever they hit the gym:

1. Athletic Training is 75% Injury Prevention

I can’t emphasize this enough, what you do in the gym can either greatly benefit your on the field, court, ice, or whatever you battle on’s performance, or completely waste your time. Let me give you an example: As a basketball player should you really be one rep max squatting? Think about the pressure those heavy weights are putting on your knees, your ankles, your back, and your hips.

As a basketball player you want to train those fast twitch muscle fibers so you can be explosive on the court, damaging any of those vital joints will surely not help you reach that goal. Even a minor sprain can become severely exacerbated by the Alpha X Boost constant jumping and landing performed in your sport and lead to a very serious injury that will keep you off the court.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen hockey players tear groins, abs, labrums by lifting too heavy in the off-season. Skating is an abnormal movement, your body is not naturally made to extend forcefully in the directions you have to, you have to prepare your body to withstand those unnatural movements.

You need to assess which muscle groups and joints take the heaviest toll in your specific sport and avoid any lifts that place heavy strain on them. Instead you should be focusing on strengthening these vulnerable areas by working on flexibility with elastic bands, dynamic stretching, and even body to light weight lifts. Conclusion: You’re training to get better at your sport, hurting yourself in the gym doesn’t mesh too well with that goal.

2. Have a Plan to Transfer Your Gains Onto the Field

Once again, this is one thing that I see younger athletes completely ignore all too often. What have we emphasized over and over again? You are training to get better.

As a football player, does bench pressing 400 lbs. help you on the field? Not necessarily on its own, but the truth is that it definitely can when paired with other lifts.DO YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR HGH LEVELS NATURALLY?

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