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Buy Review HL Slim Pro Muscle building in reality epitomizes this philosophy of using bodybuilding to shape the physique you want. Going in opposition to traditional knowledge, visual impact Muscle constructing may be what you need to obtain your health desires

Hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is the growing of the muscle for mass vs the building of strength. It’s the oldest, most talked about and researched form of exercise in the fitness world. You’ll find a hundred magazines all based on growing bigger. With articles like “Grow Your Arms 2 Inches in 2! Weeks!” Hypertrophy is the reason a lot of people start working out. To get bigger and build more mass, girls to tone, guys to look like gorillas, both to attract each other. I’m not going to go over the basics, you can literally find those anywhere. What I want to go over is the not so talked about Essentials on how to properly utilize this form of training. So that you may execute and accomplish your hypertrophy goals.

First let’s discuss the heavier weight dilemma. A lot of people think, “forget form as long as the weight is heavy I’ll grow.” You might grow… a little, but no where near your optimal speed of growth. Take your time, yes it sucks and these days nobody has patience, but slow down. Literally. Use weight that is just heavy enough for you to get 8-10 reps with strict form but also keep a steady tempo. An example using dumbbell flyes; A good tempo is something like 2-3 HL Slim Pro seconds up/1 second to squeeze at the top/2-3 seconds lowering the weight/no rest and repeat, or 2/1/2. You’ll see yourself start to look swole after a couple workouts with the right form.This is called Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy in which the volume of muscle sarcoplasm increases, creating a bigger more massive look to your muscle. Remember the famous words of “Quality over Quantity”.

Specific Training(isolation) is also an overlooked method.

We all heard training your abs won’t give you a six pack. I’m not saying that, but I’m saying training a bicep will make your bicep bigger. Take the bench press for example, everyone knows what it is and everyone in the gym does it. The problem is that it’s not getting your chest as big as it could as fast as it could. The Prime Movers in a bench press are your arms; the biceps, triceps and shoulders. Your chest needs to be completely targeted, which is why I used dumbbell flys before. It really isolates the Pectoralis major with the heaviest part, the brunt of the lift. Basically what I’m saying is, use isolation exercises. Instead of squats, bodybuilders do some leg curls and leg extensions. For back, do some pull downs and seated cable rows. It’s all about isolating the muscle to force it into growth.

Of course there is a whole lot more as well as how to properly set up a program for YOU to make the most absolute maximum gains, which would be pages of explaining and even then you would have to sit with a professional to choose the right exercises, day splits, reps/sets range, weights as well as being coached and guided for proper form and execution.

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