Skin Novela Weight Loss Working out is not only a physical

Skin Novela Weight Loss Without a doubt, what you do while you are in the gym is important. What many people fail to realize is that what you do outside of the gym is just as important. I want you to take a minute and think about everything you are putting your body through every time you step into the gym. If you had a huge exam that determined your final grade in a course and could change the rest of your life, would you try to get a good night’s sleep beforehand?

If you wanted it to go well, hopefully you would. When you are getting ready for a great workout, one of the worst things you can do is go into it tired from lack of sleep. According to Dr. Dement, author of The Power of Sleep, sleep plays the most influential role in human health. He has dedicated his life to studying the effects of sleep and is known as the father of sleep medicine.

If you would like data on sleep studies, please look into reading one of Dr. Dement’s many books or studies, as we will just be covering a high overview of the importance of sleep.

Power of Sleep on Workouts

In a study performed at John Moores University, eight male subjects involved showed that there were significant effects of sleep loss on weight-lifting performance. Out of the four exercises measured, three proved to take a severe dive in maximal lift due to the sleep loss presented within the study.

This is not surprising though, as sleep has been known to hold power over much of our lives. Although there are many studies out there that in some way or another will support the idea that you need sleep to perform at your best, I do not want to go into depth on them.

Basically  what you need to think about is your lifestyle. If you are going to dedicate so much time to working out, eating right, and generally trying to treat your body right.

Sleep is going to play an important role. I hate nothing more than going into a workout knowing full well that I did not get enough sleep the night before.All studies aside My worst workouts, by far, come after a night where I got no more than 4 hours of sleep. Obviously this number is far below the amount of sleep I try to get on a regular basis, but it also makes it that much clearer to me that lack of sleep is a big no-no when it comes to getting bigger and better lifts than I have before. How can you expect to push your body to the extreme when you have not prepared it for such a task?

Working out is not only a physical exercise for your body, but takes a lot of mental focus and willpower as well. If you have just finished 7 repetitions on an exercise, if you are tired, not only will your body be less willing to do 1 more repetition, but your mind will probably start to tell you that you cannot do 1 more repetition. When it comes to working out.

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