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Testo Ultra Protein and carbohydrates together contribute to building lean muscle mass. Cutting down on any of them disproportionately may adversely affect your body. Here we have discussed a few things that you should know about taking protein supplements and carbohydrates that can lead to a healthy muscle-building for you.

Taking too Much Protein

Protein is the building block of your body. Adequate intake of protein in your daily meal is essential for building of new cells, tissues and muscles. However, just like everything else, too much protein is also not good for the body. The excess of protein can cause your body to produce toxic called ketones. These ketones can stress your kidney as they overwork to flush out the toxins. This may even cause you dehydration. Other problems may include bad breath, weakness, dizziness, etc.

Role of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate plays a significant role in muscle recovery and growth. As you workout, carbohydrate gets burned to produce the required amount of energy. If there is a shortage of carbohydrate, protein gets burned by body to supply energy. This affects the muscle-building process. Research shows that good fats are necessary Testo Ultra for production of muscle-building testosterone. While fats and unused carbohydrate in the body pose health risks, adequate amount of consumption of each is essential for the proper functioning of different body function including muscle growth.

Types of Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. There are about 20 amino acids found in protein. Of the 20, four amino acids play vital roles in augmenting your diet.

Ornithine – It elevates growth hormone levels, increases insulin, builds and maintains muscles during rigorous training, and supports anti-aging process.

Glycine – It promotes body energy, promotes cell function and formation, builds muscle mass and cures various diseases including schizophrenia, stroke and insomnia.

Lysine – It is one of the eight essential amino acids. Since lysine is not produced naturally in the body, food containing lysine or dietary supplements is necessary. It supports normal growth, converts fatty acids into energy and promotes bone health.

Arginine – It keeps energy levels up by helping to regulate blood pressure, treats disorders of urea production and waste removal, and builds muscle mass.

What is Right?

Take proportionate quantities of proteins, carbohydrates and fats for optimum muscle mass building. Ideal consumption of protein for a normal person is 0.36 grams for every pound of body weight. However, It is advisable to consult your physical trainer for the right amount as your need may differ based on your physical activities.

So now that you learned the role of proteins and carbohydrates in muscle building, make sure to consume them in right quantity either through raw food or supplements.

Depending on your sport, this probably isn’t a good thing. You should be relying on natural energy, adrenaline and endorphins should be enough to get you going, but if you really still want to reap the rewards that some pre-workouts provide

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